Library Efficiency Solutions

Ameritag's RFID systems solutions help free up the library staff from behind the counter and allow the them to interact with the library visitors.  Libraries are enabled to develop new services providing faster and smarter RFID based transactions.  All while providing increased security and lowering costs through improved loss prevention.

SELF SERVICE & VENDING                                  EFFICIENCY & SECURITY


Ameritag is an authorized distributor for D-Tech International Intelligent RFID Library solutions. D-Tech International is one of the leading high performance RFID suppliers for the library technology market in the UK. D-Tech International has also been building their brand name in the United States by manufacturing high quality RFID products for the library RFID market. D-Tech International is the only RFID library solutions provider that manufactures their own library RFID hardware and can customize RFID software to meet a library's needs and specifications. 



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