Self Serve & Vendig Solutions

Ameritag can provide you with the ultimate in automated Self Service and Vending systems.  Ameritag provides solutions for helping your visitors have a more convenient lending experience at checkout using our Self Checkout systems. You can also provide automated self service convenience for lending books, CD's, laptops, print & digital lending media and more.  Select an option below to see more about these systems.


D-Tech International now offers our , a library app developed exclusively for patrons to use on mobile devices. The library app is the first app of its kind in the library market and has been designed and developed by D-Tech. Utilizing either barcode or RFID technology, D-Tech has developed the library app to perform multiple functions that would have been previously performed at the physical location. These features include checkout of items, checking of account status, account payments, renew items, check library locations and hours of operation, chat with a librarian and more. The app also has the capability to switch the RFID tag’s security OFF to allow full integration with all RFID implementations.

The use of , will help public and academic libraries realize cost savings by minimizing the need for more checkout kiosks and related ongoing maintenance costs. The library app frees staff to focus more on patron assistance rather than routine administrative tasks that can now be handled by patrons through the app. Additionally, the app can be used to engage and communicate with patrons through advertising space and patron messaging.


is a multi-bay modular locker system designed to safely store, charge and dispense laptops and other similar devices to users via a 19’’ touch screen interface.

Individual user bays are the optimum size to store most makes and models of laptop, netbook, PC tablet or iPads and provide a safe charging environment for access by users of all ages.

Available from 12 bays, the modular locker system can be tailored to suit the users’ needs. With its steel chassis and doors, is an extremely secure centralized location for valued mobile ICT assets, providing effective crime prevention as well as ICT management.  is available with a range of charging options.

With full independent CE and UL Certification, the unit is entirely safe for customer use and is fully temperature-controlled to ensure all devices are kept cool during the charging process.


The automated self-service holds kiosk facilitates extended library hours by providing a self-service holds pick-up point that can be positioned in either internal or external environments.

The automated self-service holds kiosk allows library staff to remotely load lockers with hold’s items with our loaning application. Just scan the item in the application. holdIT™ allocates a locker and prints a receipt with a barcode — the receipt will indicate the items and locker number. Once a bin is full of items ready to be loaded into the holdIT, the staff member has to just scan the barcode on the receipt that is attached to the reserved item and it will automatically unlock the correct locker, place the item in and close the door.

The user will simply scan their user card and the screen will display the items, the user accepts and the locker is opened and the items are issued.


is the latest product from D-Tech which dispenses items to library patrons anywhere in your service area. This could be in your local hospital, train or bus stations, government office buildings, community centres, malls and shopping centres; locations are only limited by your imagination!

can hold up to one thousand items consisting of books, CD’s and DVDs.

is available in modules ranging from 200-500 and 1000 items.

is ergonomic and environmentally friendly. Designed and manufactured with a low carbon footprint, the unit is also styled to meet ergonomic guidelines. Its modular design allows for easy add on options such as payments for usage and/or fines and fees. Special care has been taken to make easy for staff to load and retrieve items returned to the unit

Self Checkout Technologies  

The ServeIT series are our  standalone kiosk systems. Our RFID technology provides enhanced material protection and easy operation. Intuitive touch screen graphics assures rapid acceptance by your patrons.

ServIT G Series         

ServeIT E Series      

ServeIT R Series       

ServeIT I Series       


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